Klicky ADXL Mount

This mod is an easy way to invisibly mount the ADXL to Voron Afterburner & Stealthburner using the Klicky probe mount.



  1. Download and print the new Klicky Mount using standard Voron settings. Orient it on the build plate like the first picture below.
  2. Install the 3 magnets and wires following the guide for the Klicky Probe.
  3. Mount the new Klicky mount to the Voron printhead.
  4. Solder the wires to the ADXL. See how I did it below.
  5. Mount the ADXL using two M3x6 SHCS or BHCS screws. Make sure to route the wires behind the ADXL.
  6. Route the ADXL wires and Klicky wires using the same route as you would the inductive probe (that you no longer use).
  7. Add a Molex connector or two so you can connect either a permanent wire harness or temporary wire harness in the print head.
  8. Go to the Klipper Measuring Resonances web page to learn how to use the ADXL for input shaper.
Wired to two Molex connectors hidden under the Stealthburner shroud.


  1. Thank you for this mod. Have you experienced any issues with heat from the hotend damaging/interfering with the ADXL? If so, did you end up using any sort of insulation, kapton tape, etc…?

    1. The ADXL doesn’t seem affected by the heat — The hot end is not on when doing the resonance testing and I’ve seen no ill-effects from it being next to the hot end for a few weeks now.

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