Voron Tips and Tricks

Here I’ll put shit I’ve learned or answers to questions I see asked a million times.

All Vorons

  • Ellis Tuning Guide – This is the single best place to go if you want to learn how to get the best prints from your Voron.
  • 3D Models of Voron Printers – This site has live 3D models of the current Voron printers.
  • Voron Documentation – Read it, there is a lot of useful information here.
  • Voron Initial Startup – If you haven’t read and followed this guide, please don’t bother anyone with your silly questions.
  • Nothing sticks to my fucking bed – 1) wash it with hot water and dish soap, 2) scuff it up with steel wool, 3) wash it again with hot water and soap. After you’ve washed and prepped it, set your Z offset properly for a perfect first layer.
  • How tight should my belts be? – I use my ears — no fancy electronic thingy needed. If you like to use electronic gadgets, follow this Secondary Printer Tuning in the Voron Docs. I find the phone thing picks up too much back ground noise and is hard to use.
    Here’s what I do:
    – Go here and listen to 110hz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaRGVxOCE_g
    – Move your gantry to the middle of Y and center your toolhead on X.
    – Using your ears, pluck the left belt and set it to 110hz.
    – Pluck the right belt and match the left belt.
  • What hot end should I use? – Whatever you want, they all work well. I have Dragon hot ends. Get a HF if you want to print fast with nozzles > .4mm. All my Prusa printers have E3D hot ends and they work great too, just not as fast. There are others — buy the prettiest one you can find. because it’s hidden under everything so you’ll never see it.
  • I made a guide to help you install Klipper, Fluidd/Mainsail, etc.
  • Klipper Q&A
  • Here’s a guide on how to wire your AC heater for your print bed.
  • My bed is a taco. Are you sure? A human hair is approximately .08-.1mm thick. How much are you out? 2 hairs across 300mm? It’ll be ok.


  • The lead screw nuts on the Z axis should be slightly loose. How loose? You should be able to move the nut side to side but not up and down. This allows for any Z wobble and/or mis-alighment.


  • “My Z moves up instead of down” or “my x moves left and it should move right”. It’s all explained here Voron Initial Startup

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