Voron Red

Since this is my first build of a Voron, I decided it would be easiest to build it from a kit. Searching AliExpress, I landed on Formbot because it had a lot of great reviews. Some of the other kits either had fewer reviews or less than stellar reviews.

Here’s the one I ordered: Formbot Kit on AliExpress


  • There was nothing missing from the kit. They did a good job making sure everything included.
  • Frame was nicely cut and square
  • Hardware (screws, inserts, etc.) were all there in sufficient quantity
  • Clear polycarbonate panels were nicely cut
  • Black polycarbonate panels instead of coroplast were nicely cut
  • Gates belts. Cut to size with a bit extra.


  • Clone E3D extruder
  • Only one Micro SD card was included
  • Hard to crimp silicone wires (need to be updated to PTFE)
  • Build plate is machined on one side. I was taught machining one side relieves the surface stress on that side and will create a bow in the part. We’ll see how it goes.
  • Took weeks to receive even though it was shipped from the US
  • No-name SSR
  • No-name probe
  • Formbot kit was significantly upgraded only a month later


  • E3D Hot End
  • Octopus 1.1
  • FormBot kit
  • Triangle Labs Filament Runout Sensor
  • Big Tree Tech 5.0″ Touchscreen

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